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Avid Organics Box scheme was launched in 2005. To that point, founder, Karen's personal experience of organic box deliveries, had been pretty lame; sub standard, over priced produce...way too many carrots, (even for the resident bunny) with absolutely no flexibility. With the mindset, 'I can do better' she set off to rock the world of organics…

We're all different. Avid Organics puts YOU first. If you detest sprouts, no amount, delivered with a fancy-pants recipe, will make them any more appealing. We listen; giving you choice; we don't dictate your box contents. Opt for carefully selected Avid boxes, or 'pick your own' produce. If you've a thing for asparagus...fill your boots...but be quick, the British asparagus season only lasts six weeks

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Avidly Organic Avidly Supportive Why organic? Mass production & ingestion of pesticide sprayed fruit, veg & grains are harmful to our health & environment. Organic produce provides essential nutrients believed powerful enough to fight off illnesses, such as cancer. Blind tests reveal organic produce to be superior in taste. Some organic produce may look little ugly, but as the saying goes...beauty is only skin deep.
Avidly Trustworthy Avidly Caring Avid Organics Box Scheme is certified & governed by The Soil Association. All Avid Organics fruit & vegetables are 100% organic. The farm and online shop also stock a huge variety of certified organic products, including dairy, whole foods, specialist dietary items (vegan, gluten free etc) and alcohol; all available for delivery with your organic box.
Avidly Ethical Avidly Caring Avid Organics ethics dictate that the bulk of our organic produce is primarily UK sourced, or as near as possible. We aim to give British farmers a fair deal. When we have to buy from neighbouring shores, only non air-freight produce will do.

Although difficult to tell the exact source of produce prior to delivery, (organic supplies from growers are dependant on last minute weather, crop/harvesting issues), we WILL assure provenance after delivery. If you pick your own box, the displayed country of origin information gives you the opportunity to make your own informed choices.
Avidly Flexible Avidly Creative No one at Avid Organics, is going to force you into deliveries every week. You decide the frequency of your delivery, not us.

We offer several delivery options. You don't need to hang around. Tell us your 'safe place' and we'll deliver when you're out. We can also deliver to you & your friends at work; limiting environmental damage & earning a big fat discount. Or, if you fancy a trip out, for a quality cuppa and a natter, you can pick your box up from our farm shop.